Diligent Escape Plan

Upon escaping from the grime and deprivation of my homeland I came to explore the rest of this island home of ours only to discover that it’s the same bloody everywhere. The only thing that’s different is the funny accent! Poor is poor and rich is rich. This led me to some serious thinking about why it was I wanted to escape from the land of the Taff those many years ago. See I always saw Wales as a land of few options and of those few options even fewer were desirable. See wherever you go in this world you are going to find those who create the wealth and those that benefit from the wealth. Rarely, if ever are those people the same. This is wrong I says to myself, we agree says the masses. Lets do something about it says I! What’s the point? You’ll never change anything says the masses. Ach well says I and I cracks another can of Special Brew.
Did that make any sense to you?
Answers on a postcard kids.

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