I’ll get me coat, and scarf.

Well winter’s here at last. Two weeks till the celebration of the christ god and it’s only just started getting cold…in Glasgow. Ach well better late than never eh? I’m perfectly aware that the seasons have been out of kilter for some time now. I mean I saw butterflies last November for crying out loud. The seasons have been changing for a long while now, summers are wet, Autumns warm and winter gets later every year.
I love winter despite the inevitable melancholy it brings with it. I love the bitter stinging cold and the sound of the wind beating the city streets and howling through the tenements like wild children on a rampage.
I find it immensely satisfying to wake up and see my breath misting in the air above me. To feel the harsh bite of the cold on my face. Not that I’m going to let my landlord know this or he’ll never get around to fixing my damn boiler!
And to keep with the seasonal cheer here’s a picture of a guy frozen to death in the snow.


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