Grangemouth Strike

At 6:00 am on Sunday workers at the Grangemouth petro-chemical plant in Scotland walked out on strike after Ineos, the company that manage the facility for BP attacked the workers pensions. Ineos want to reduce current workers pensions and do away with new workers pension schemes. In response to this attack the workers have struck.
The main stream media have responded to the strike with it’s usual bluster, declaring that Scotland would be without fuel for a month and that Edinburghs buses would run out of fuel on Monday (yesterday – they didn’t) This complete nonsense has had the effect of causing panic buying of fuel and is a blatant attempt to turn the public against the strikers who simply want fair working conditions. Ineos make a profit of between 2-3 million pounds per day, hardly on the brink of bankruptcy. This is an attempt by the company, with the support of the media to break the union.
I hope that the workers at Grangemouth stay strong and keep their resolve, they can win. Their actions will hurt the company hard. I urge everybody who reads this to show your support for the strikers and when you hear people complaining remind them that it is only by supporting one another when we are in struggle with our bosses can any of us hope to win.

More information can be found here and here.
Oh and here.


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