Respectability Of The BNP

As the BNP desperately attempt to make themselves appear the same as the other mainstream political parties their membership appears to let them down. Charlie Bailie, the regional organizer for the Glasgow area, has sent a letter in to the BNP-Scotland website that calls for death to the moors and Muslims in general.
I am by no means a fan of Islam, I find the teachings of the Koran as reprehensible and vile as those of the Bible(TM), I think that Charlie boys bullshit show the BNPs true colours. They want to exterminate huge swathes of the population of this country because of their ethnicity and because they adhere to a mildly different superstition to them.

He attached to his letter an extract/para-phrase from Robert the Bruces address to the Scottish army at the Battle of Bannockburn, though he retitled it the Battle for Britain, don’t want any confusion about which kind of dead end nationalism you adhere to now do we Charlie boy eh?

“Address to The Scots at The Battle for Britain”

Scots, whose forefathers bled with Wallace!

Sons of Freedom!

Save yourselves from the pyre of Christian dead

Where the Saltire is held aloft by Muslim hands

And the crescent of Islam would beckon us to worship!

Send your foes to a gory bed!

Vanquish the prophets courting those of foreign creed

With promises whose gilded leaf casts!

And falls on us, of Native Breed

By the strength of our Noble and Peasant stock

May we keep all threat to our Culture and Shores

From the grasp of invaders,traitors and Moors

By Bruce`s heart thrown at the foe of yore (note.1)

Let not their shadow, cast on your door!

Refers to the heart of Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland, who declared that after his death,his heart should be placed in a silver casket and carried into battle against the Muslim hordes,during the Crusades.It was cast defiantly among them during battle!

I would like to personally like to thank Charlie for stating the BNPs true aims in such a lyrical way and for pointing out my misreading of Scottish history. See I thought that the Battle of Bannockburn
was where the Scots kicked the shit out of the English army and was a deciding factor in Scots independence.
So Charlie if you really want to live out your fantasies of blood and honour why not bring all three of your supporters to a pre-arranged location and those of us who fucking despise everything you stand for will gladly meet you on the field of battle where we will smash you with a force so great that even the memory of you and all you represent will be wiped clean from the land.
See you’re not the only one who can wax lyrical you putrid little man.
Bring it on.


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