May Day and Faslane Punks Picnic

Thursday May first and the following weekend were a busy one for me.
First of May was.. well it was May Day wasn’t it. The day went really well despite a cock up or two in the morning meaning that the sound system turned up about an hour late. But once it had arrived, along with a van full of furniture and a good time ensued.
Jumblesale, the sound system people played funky sounds and not a techno beat in sight. Armchairs and sofas were placed about along with a load of stools and a table that was quickly filled with fine vegan scrumptiousness and enjoyed by all.
There were political stalls from Glasgow Anarchists, the Anarchist Federation, Unity – Glasgow’s union of Asylum Seekers and the Industrial Workers of the World revolutionary union.
Despite it raining on and off all afternoon most peoples spirits were high and we partied all afternoon and had quite a lot of interaction with amused passers by.
At around four o’clock the jumblesale soundsystem had to leave and with a soundsystem packed into a backpack we departed toward kelvingrove park. Well most folk did the older bods, myself included made an executive decision that it was too damp for our old bones and departed for the pub.
Further reports can be found here.

As for the few days that followed, the faslane Punks Picnic. well I’m afraid
that my memories of that event are slightly sketchy to say the least.
i got to see old friends from back home in taffy land and I consumed far, far too much Buckfast and Special Brew for my own good.

From what I do recall it all went off really smoothly for an event of this nature (illegal free festival on squatted land) with no arrests and the cops being generally kept in line. Mind you most of the cops there were MOD Police and aren’t real coppers anyway. You can tell the MODPlod as their eyes are too close together.

Again a good time was had by all and I can’t wait for next May to roll around and it to all happen again.
Anyway time to get back to the revolution. 🙂


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