Benefit “Fraud”

The government and the media love to scapegoat people. Single mothers, miners, new age travelers, migrants, refugees and benefit claimants have all been accused of being a burden to the country. The last year or so has seen another round of adverts from the DHSS/DSS/DWP/whatever encouraging people to grass on ‘benefit cheats’ and for those doing a bit of work on the side to watch their backs.

Personally I think they’ve got a bloody cheek targeting the poorest people in society when the super rich are getting a whole lot richer by doing sweet FA to deserve it. According to the DWP benefit fraud cost the government £700 million last year. Good! That’s £700 million they won’t be spending on bastard wars and fucking us all over. They don’t blink an eye at spending billions every year on nuclear weapons and the armed forces, on tax breaks for the wealthy and paying themselves obscene amounts of money yet someone delivering curries of an evening whilst signing on is a scourge of society. Like I said, a bloody cheek.

If you know anyone who has informed on their neighbours for working on the side or blagging the sick tell them they are a grass and we all know how to deal with a grass.

The state also uses the excuse of cracking down on the poor as a reason for the introduction of ID cards and a national database. The London School of Economics estimates that implementing the cards will cost £19 billion.

£19 billion to tackle a ‘crime’ that cost £700 million, not very good with the math are they?


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