More Bullshit And Drivel From The BNP

Whilst I unfortunately missed the proceedings of last Saturday on Buchanan Street I was quite amused by the latest post on the BNP-Scotlands blog (i’m not going to link to them just google bnp-scotland)

Now since they reared their ugly heads this time round I have been keeping an eye on the wee bawbags and have come to know the faces of the top bods fairly well. This is how I can state that of the four that turned up on Saturday at most two of them were from Glasgow.

The blog mentions that the organizer from Mid-Scotland and Fife was present, this is true his name is John McGuire and his mobile number is 07913 219640 and his e-mail is

John ‘I like to move it, move it’ McGuire

The short dodgy looking guy with the white hair is Charlie Baillie the Glasgow organizer who’s mobile phone number is 07960 714931 and e-mail him at

Charlie ‘rasta man vibration’ Baillie

I, to be honest, haven’t got a scooby doo who the fat bloke with the terrible taste in jumpers is so there is every possibility that he is from Glasgow.

The unknown pie man.

However this brings us around to matey boy in the bobblehat. You see I know this guys face quite well. His name is John Robertson, the organizer for the BNP Highlands and Islands as well as their Security Officer (the BNP are the only political party that I have heard of who need a ‘security officer’)

John ‘tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies’ Robertson

Now either thay are telling the truth and he actually does live in Glasgow which would make it a wee bit odd that he is organizer for the H+I and is apparently running for the EU in 09 for somewhere up there. Either that or they are telling fibbs, which is naughty and so unlike them.

The fact that these scum claim to have any popular support whatsoever is absurd. If they had support they would not have to rely on calling the cops preemptively in order to get themselves out of the shit they wanted to start. The fact is most people have parents or grandparents who fought in a war against filth like the BNP. Charlie and his mob believe that they have the democratic right to freedom of speech, do they chuff! They lost any right they had when they began propagating their divisive hatred.

Actually no what am I saying? Of course they have the right to free speech, just as I have the right to engage in a little historical reenactment when they are about. Cable street re-enactment society any body?

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  1. Your pathetic attempts to disrupt Glasgow BNP had me laughing. You dont even know whos who. Have a look at the pics and you will see that it is the J Robertson that you think it is. You Red Scum Bags.

    I wish I was down in Glasgow to put you straight on a number of political points, the first being we are no more Nazis than what Lenin was.

    Yes we are patriots of Britain, we do not seek to own or invade any other country.

    Your lies is pathetic, why dont you give me a call, now no ranting our shouting, just a debate.

    Or are you too cowardly to even speak, 07923 545636, thats my number give me a ring sometime.

    Nazis, “are you havin a laugh” or was that what your Marxist tutor taught you.

  2. “You dont even know whos who. Have a look at the pics and you will see that it is the J Robertson that you think it is.”
    Come again?

    “a number of political points, the first being we are no more Nazis than what Lenin was”
    Okay, whilst the BNP are not national socialists you are fascists with a racist, anti-working class agenda. Just because you lot dress in (bad) suits nowadays does not hide the fact that you are far night nationalist thugs who would seek to turn this country into a cess pool of in bred half wits.
    You have no understanding of the history of these islands and idolise some kind of imaginary past. It is true that britain did at one point have a massive empire, but one that meant massive inequality and suffering for the working class.
    You lot idolise the upper classes and aristocracy as if geneology had any affect on a persons place in this world.

    “Your lies is pathetic”
    Um, even if I were lying the proper response would be ‘your lies ARE pathetic’. Got that? Good let’s move on.

    “Nazis, “are you havin a laugh” or was that what your Marxist tutor taught you.”
    I’m glad to see you have a deft understanding of the differences of political thought in this country. Tell me have you ever read Marx? What is your critique of his economic analysis?
    And you are right the term nazi’s to describe you lot is a tad lazy. Or is it? You admit that you are nationalists and just the other day I was having a discussion with someone calling themselves Aberdeen BNP, was that you in another guise? Aberdeen BNP claimed that the BNP were socialist leaning so would that not make you national socialists? I mean you boys have set up your own syndicalist styled union have you not?
    So maybe the word Nazi is actually fairly descriptive.

    Oh and for the record I’m not a Marxist.

  3. The trend in politics over the last sixty years has been towards The New Fascism. This is simply the death of democracy and the end of the democratic political process itself. Whoever you vote for out of the establishment parties, the government always stays in power. Nothing changes and The System merely carries on perpetuating its own existence and increasing the power and privileges of the Liberal Elite that perpetually run the country.

    The indigenous White community have been systematically and ruthlessly excluded from the political process itself. Along with being ethnically cleansed from their communities by immigrants imported into the country as cheap labour and cheap votes for the establishment parties, they have had to watch as the political process has ethnically cleansed them from itself.

    In our modern societies the power to control society itself lies with the Gang of Four – this being the Media, the Government, the proponents of Political Correctness and the Judges.

    The most pernicious forms of The New Fascism are listed below ;

    A) Cultural Oppression – Whilst St.Georges Day Festivals are banned and the flying of Union Jacks and the English Flag defined as ‘ racist ‘ , our taxes and council taxes are used to fund ethnic and homosexual festivals in order to promote those groups in society.

    B) Free Speech is destroyed – in order to stabilise multi-cultural societies free speech must be destroyed therefore affirming that free speech and multi-culturalism are incompatible. The right to Free Speech is the central core of our national and ethnic identity and its restriction and removal in order to create the multi-cultural state is an act of pernicious racism and cultural fascism.

    C) Political Correctness is imposed and controlled through a cabal of self appointed race relations profiteers that destroys free speech and free debate in our society.

    D) Minority Rule is imposed – the New Labour party only got the support of 23 % of the population of Britain, yet they are able to rule the other 77 % of the country through the government.

    E) Institutional Racism – institutional racism against the indigenous white people of Britain has become enshrined in law through the Race Relations Acts. Positive discrimination schemes are racist schemes to disenfranchise the majority indigenous white community in favour of minorities.

    F) Judges enshrine in common law and through statutory interpretation racism against the indigenous people and rule in favour of ethnic pressure groups.

    G) Opposition parties are attacked – the leaders of opposition political parties are arrested by the politicised police force and charged with ‘ thought crimes ‘ and prosecuted by a politicised prosecuting authority before politicised courts. Members of opposition political parties are attacked by government thugs in the security services and state sponsored organisations such as Searchlight distribute state propaganda in elections to support the government.

    H) The False Media broadcast lies and political propaganda disguised as news to the population and deny opposition parties a voice.

    I) Political dissidents are persecuted by the police for thought crimes. Their phones are tapped and secret files kept on them.

    J) Vote rigging and electoral scandals are widespread

    K) The government enters illegal wars without the consent of the public

    L) Political police prioritise crimes as demanded by their political masters – eg race attacks on ethnics are investigated whilst racist attacks against indigenous whites are ignored and not prosecuted.

    M) A Corporate Fascist State is created where big business is rewarded contract on the basis of funding the political parties

    N) Racist policies preventing white English football fans from travelling abroad on the basis of ‘police intelligence‘ are imposed, but an open door policy for illegal immigrants is imposed

    O) The Church of England has become a political organisation for the PC Government not a religious organisation with its Clerical PC code more important than the teachings of the scriptures

    P) Whites are being ethnically cleansed from their ancestral lands and being forced to abandon their own communities so that immigrants can take over their homes.

    Q) Governments fund and assist illegal immigrants with housing and health care, but deny housing and health care to the indigenous population ( eg in cities homes are made available to illegal immigrants but in the countryside the white indigenous people are forced into homelessness by a lack of social housing and planning restrictions and whilst illegal immigrants get free hospital treatment , poor and overweight indigenous people are denied free health care)

    R) Race attacks on whites are under recorded and under prosecuted whilst ace attacks on ethnics are used to enact political agendas that further damage the indigenous white people and our communities

    In truth a racist is a person wining an argument with a socialist.

  4. Also have a look at BNP Scotland and the John Robertson pic, there are tw J Robertsons, the one you call pie face is also John Robertson. I agree the two phots do look the same as they have been taken at distance.

    But who you think Is J Robertson is not the one you mean

    Looks like your info is not very good.

  5. What the fuck has st georges day got to do with Wales or Scotland? You do realize he was a johnny foreigner don’t you?
    So you’re a part of the english national party yet live in aberdeen?
    Oh and by the way, if pie boy is also called John Robertson that means the two of them were there so I wasn’t wrong. Cock.

  6. plus I just noticed that you had simply reposted some drivel from ‘Ed of Cheshire’ on the Green Arrow blog as your main argument.
    Christ, Jonesy boy are you not capable of bull shitting for yourself?

  7. I noticed you have not answered any of it though, and you have not given me a call yet.

    Answer me one question. Would you loke to see an islamic Europe, because that is where we are headed.

    Notice I have not insulted you.

  8. “In truth a racist is a person wining an argument with a socialist.”

    No, you are a racist.
    The right to freedom of movement is a basic human right, the BNP wish to end this.
    The right to freedom of wacky superstition is also fairly basic.
    The BNP want to end that.
    The BNP are extremely undemocratic as can be seen from the way Nick Griffin purged those knuckle draggers who did not conform with his homage to Le Pen that is the modern BNP.
    We are not heading towards an Islamification of Europe.
    I want to see the lifting of all borders and for people of all kinds to be able to travel freely and without hindrance. The BNP are totally opposed to this.
    The BNP would reduce these islands to an inbred cess pool chasing a non-existant former glory.
    I do not believe in democracy as it is touted, I believe in real direct democracy that allows all an equal voice, aside from those who would curtail that freedom for others. The BNP AND superstitious fundies AND the government all fall into this category.
    I have not given you a call as I have no wish to debate with you.
    You are wrong, your policies are filth, your appropriation of left wing and liberal jargon is ridiculous. Claiming that people have the right to spread vile lies and hatred is insulting to those of my grandfathers generation who fought against the likes of you in Spain and then throughout the rest of Europe.
    That reposting from the green arrow blog applies point for point to what the BNP wish to impose upon the rest of us.
    Thankfully the majority of people know you for what you are. Sad little men with no lives and no future.
    See I have quite a good knowledge of history and a deep respect for it. I know well the horrors that your kind can unleash given the chance. It will not happen again. Speaking of history, there is a rather simple phrase that I kinda like that comes from a proud era of history.
    We recognize you for what you are and will not allow you to crawl out of the festering cradle of racism and fear that has nurtured you so far.

  9. And yet another Islamic Bombing, yeah let them all move here and live. I wonder how they feel about more Muslims coming to live in Madrid.

    perhaps you would like half the African continent to come her and live, what about our own peoples right to a homeland, with space to move around, and live in. And I mean people of any background who are proud to be British.

    Just because I wish to have my own homeland, and not some third world nation, because thats what would happen if millions more come to live on our small Island.

    I agre with you about Griffin, and democracy, i.e people having a say over everything, if they did mass immigration would have already stopped as the only ones that benefit are the greedy who are raking in mass profits and using people as cheap Labour.

    I agree that obscene profits are disgusting and should be spred more faoirly between workers.

    I know we will never see eye to eye, but I take my hat off to you because you were at least willing to put your point of view over. Some of them valid. But you still have a rather delusional view of what makes up the vast amount of the BNP membership.

  10. I am the real BNP Scotland Officer – would you like a photo?

  11. Go on then sweetpea, though I dare say I’ve probably already got it along with yer address. 😀

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