Terrorists? My Arse!

So the Scottish Government is to spend £3.8 million on creating 50 counter terrorism jobs over the next two years. £3.8 million doesn’t sound like a lot of money considering the obscene sums that get spent on warfare and lining the pockets of the already wealthy but i even this amount a proportional amount in relation to the terrorist threat to Scotland?

Scotland itself has only ever been the target of one pathetic attempt at a terrorist ‘attack’ so why the need for all this money that could be better spent else where?

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said

“The Scottish Government is fully committed to the fight against terrorism and that is why we are equipping our police forces to tackle this menace”

What menace? A bunch of numpties attempted to drive a non-explosive explosive in Glasgow airport, failed dismally and only succeeded in hurting themselves and launching Smeato(tm) into stardom. Shaking in my boots so I am.

I say non-explosive explosive as, despite what was inferred by all the scumbag papers at the time gas bottles do not explode. They are under high pressure with a brass pressure valve on the top that breaks as the gas heats up and the bottle shoots off like a rocket. Frightening to witness yes and more than likely deadly to anyone it happens to hit but hardly the apocalyptic levels of carnage the sun et. al. claimed.

“”We all need to work together to reduce the threat of another terrorist attack.” said MacAskill. Well yes we do need to work together but not to defeat the sort of terrorist attack that you mean boyo. This announcement in itself constitutes a terrorist attack upon the people of Scotland. By spending all this money and warning of dire things to come if we do not ‘protect ourselves’ you foster a climate of fear.

I accuse you Kenny MacAskill of terrorism in the highest order. You and your cronies in Edinburgh are guilty of spreading terror, fear and paranoia throughout the Scottish populace with the intent of achieving political ends.

Throwing more and more money at the terrorist ‘threat’ is absolutely ridiculous. there have been less terrorist attacks in the UK over the last five years than in any five year period over the last twenty. The threat from terrorist attacks is significantly less since the good Friday agreement and the cessations of hostilities from the IRA(whichever flavour)

Since 2000 there have been 11 terrorist attacks. The 1990’s saw 24. The amount of terrorist attacks has not increased, it has dropped. What has increased however is the level of terror that is being inflicted upon us by the government and the media. Not since the cold war have we seen such a frenzy of fear-mongering from the powers that be and the press. Like pigs in shit they are revelling in their new found excuse to do away with what few civil liberties we have and the fear that they spread causes us to cheer them on as they tighten the chains around our ankles.

We already have more CCTV cameras in this country than anywhere else in the world, id cards in the pipeline, government plans to intercept every e-mail and mobile phone calls. Our health service is being destroyed, our school system is being privatised, our friends and family members are being sent to their deaths for a profit margin in Iraq and Afghanistan, our communities are being run into the ground, racism and intolerance are being fostered and encouraged by the media and scum like the BNP. We are to put it bluntly on our way to hell in a handcart.

So we really do have something to be afraid of but it sure as hell isn’t terrorism as the media portrays it.


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