My Red Top Confusion

I just saw the headline on today’s Daily Rectum – ‘immigrant tells of horrific attack‘ or some such thing. My first thought was ‘yeah and it was encouraged by scum papers like youse’.
I thought I would write a wee bit about the press fostering racism so did a search on the rectums web site for ‘asylum seekers’ ‘immigrants’ and ‘illegal immigrants’. Guess what? I couldn’t find a single example of the rectum spouting reactionary rubbish about johnny foreigner. In fact all the articles about asylum seekers and immigrants were either really positive or neutral; even the stories tagged ‘illegal immigrants’ were neutral rather than the frothing bluster I was expecting of a red top.
Spun me out so it has, I may complain to the Press Complaints Commission about them not behaving in an acceptable manner for a red top. :-/

Bewildered at this I began to wonder whether my opinion of the other main stream papers was as skewed and that maybe the press had changed since I started ignoring them many years ago. Well I figured the best place to look, do a litmus test as it were, would be that old chestnut the Daily Hate Mail. The Hate Mail has for many,many, many years been a bastion of bigotry and a forum for the filthy felchery of fascists. There are probably not that many alive today that recall the Mails cheering of Mosley‘s blackshirts or their owners chummy relationship with his ‘dear fuhrer‘. Surely if they have changed then it would mark a massive leap forward in the conscience of the media.

To my complete non-surprise they have not changed and are still bang at the job of promoting racism and hatred whilst doing their damnedest to drag this country even farther down the slippery slope into the cess pool of fascism.

Ach well, so much for wishful thinking.

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