0845 Scamming The Poor

Being as I am currently on the dole I have reason on occasion to have to phone my local benefits office. Time was that I would just call the office up the road from me and that would be fine. They have however recently changed my local DWP into a JobCentrePlus, the ‘Plus’ means that it does less than it used to. No longer can the people at the office answer benefits enquiries I am now to phone an office on the other side of the city that has no regular phone number, just an 0845 number. I am sure that most people out there have come across these numbers before. The 0845 number for those of you that don’t know is a scheme that is presented to us as making things more convenient i.e. one number that can be called from anywhere in the country and is charged as a local call. Sounds OK eh? Well the thing is these numbers are no longer charged at local rate and the main reason a lot of places use them is that the organisation recieving the call makes money off the call.

That any business would jump at the chance to make money off people before they are even customers is hardly surrising and not the sort of thing that even gets me angry anymore. However when the Job Centre starts using them to make money out of claimants that really pisses me off. People who try to get by on state benefits are some of the poorest people in the country and that the very organization that is supposed to help them is making money out of us is disgusting.

It’s not only the job centre that is doing this however no! Glasgow City Council also use these 0845 numbers as a way of making money out of us when we need to contact them. Not content with selling the city out from beneath us they have now figured out that they can charge us if we want to complain!

Bastards the lot of them.

And as Cocksparrer sang all those years ago…

Take ’em all,

one and all,

put ’em up against a wall and shoot ’em!

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  1. Hi Welshboi,

    I feel your pain!

    However, most companies with 0845 numbers do not make money from their callers – it is generally the 0870 and 0844 number ranges.

    That said, public sector organisations should really consider switching to the new 03 number range which is especially for them.

    03 numbers cost the same to call as standard landlines (01 and 02) – even from a mobile phone. They are also included in inclusive minutes from mobile and landline providers.

    Sounds a better option for all involved me thinks.

  2. I totally agree with you, they are all scamming us with their prefix numbers, even the hospitals are doing it ! Over a dozen of the NHS Trusts have 0845 and 0844 numbers, so they are charging us to phone them when we are ill or a relative is ill.
    There is some good news though, NHS Direct which used to use an 0845 number is changing it to an 03 number once their contract ends with the 0845.

    I have written a blog post on how we are being charged for a free service.


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