Anarchists Arrested In Penza, Russia

Two anarchists, Oslav Kirosheyev and Vitaly Bakhmasterov, were arrested on June 16th in the city of Penza for handing out leaflets. The comrades were arrested under anti-terror legislation for handing out the leaflets which read “Government is the prison of the people. Become an anarchist and free yourself!” they face possible imprisonment as well as expulsion from University.

The police are basically using anti-extremism legislation to outlaw all anarchist activity, just like in the good old days of uncle joe.

There is a russian language news story here and if anyone could offer a translation I would be most grateful. We must find some way of sending a message to the Russian authorities that we will not tolerate this kind of treatment of our comrades.

A possible fax for sending nasty letters about the case would be the city Duma (municipal government) :
3-01 54-18-12

Also the Russian consulate in Edinburgh is located at 58 Melville street and I’m sure that they would be more than happy to answer any question people may have. The phone number for the consulate is 0131-225-7098 and the fax is 0131 225-9587.

The embassy at 5 Kensington Palace Gardens, London can be reached on 0203-051-11-99


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