An End To Faith Schools And An End To Faith

According to the Scottish Government there are 395 faith schools in Scotland which compared to Englandshire’s 7000 or so doesn’t seem too bad, but it’s still 395 too many. These ‘schools’ are funded by the government and therefore by taxes paid by all of us whether we are rational or not. I fundamentally oppose any superstitious half wits ‘right’ to stunt their child’s development by sending them to one of these divisive institutions.

It is just plain wrong that anyone should be able to teach superstitious nonsense as fact and it’s absolutely out-bloody-rageous that the rest of us should be expected to pay for it. The teaching of the loony tune ideas of the supernaturalists makes me feel sick to the core. How can we expect to advance as a species when we allow witch doctors and stone age troglodytes to be responsible for our childrens education?

It’s all very well if you want to think that you’ve got a magic space daddy that is going to party with your ghost after you shuffle off this mortal coil but teach it to your kids as fact and you should have your children taken off you and you should be sterilised for the good of the human race.

Lying is not a good thing folks and lying to children is abhorrent.

I am sick that these wing nuts who hold ridiculous fucking beliefs should be afforded any respect from a rational society. That this respect is demanded and given makes me really pessimistic about our future. These beliefs should be held up to ridicule and venom on a daily basis.

There is no more evidence for ANY form of intelligent creator than there is for the existence of fucking leprechauns. Religious and spiritual belief has caused untold suffering all over the world and stands side by side with both statism and capitalism as the worst disasters to befall our species. At least capitalists and statists can provide concrete evidence for how and why they exist rather than the bollocks spouted by the faith types of the world.

For the final word on how I feel about faith, well the Abrahamic ones anyway:

Christians: He didn’t even exist FFS!

Jew: Stop mutilating your children! It’s not big, it’s not clever so stop it okay.

Muslims: I don’t care where or when you lived sleeping with a child makes you a nonce.


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