State Funeral? Only If The Bitch Is Breathing At The Time!

So Gordon Brown and her Madge are backing plans to spunk three million quid on burying Thatcher I would like to add my support to this call with the proviso that the old bitch is breathing when we stick her under.

She is responsible for the destruction of communities and industries across this island and for the deaths of young lads in the Falklands, the overseeing of arms sales to regimes that would use them against their own people and generally did her part of making our world a much, much darker place to live in.

So yeah spend £3million burying the old shitebag but spend the cash on fitting cameras to the inside of the coffin so we can watch the old cow suffocate on national TV.


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  1. Could’nt agree more with your comments, although to spend this much money on this cruel, evil, heartless bitch is too much to take, the government is telling us workers not to take a pay rise to help with the economy, then, they run this shite past us… it really makes my blood boil.

    Give me the price of a shovel and I’ll get the job done, and give the rest of the money to a cause that could use it.

    Trafalgar Square….. I’ll be there !
    First saturday after Thatchers death…. Class War

  2. Nah man Glasgow Green is where it’s gonna be at! Then afterwards down to London to stop the funeral procession and burn the bitch on the Hackney Downs!

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