Medieval Superstition Runs Amok In Our Schools – The End Days Are Upon Us!

The BBC report that a school girl in Wales has won a case to allow her to wear bangles that are symbols of her sikh faith in school. I think this absolutely absurd for a number of different reasons. First and foremost is that the schools does not allow ANY pupils to wear ANY jewelery in school for health and safety reasons. That’s no necklaces, no ear rings and no bangles. I find it offensive that this girl is given special dispensation because of her superstition.

As I have said elsewhere the only place that religion should have in twenty first century schools is in history classes. All religions are the product of our primitive past where we had little to no understanding of the way the world worked and when we were scared of the dark. That any credence is given to these beliefs is absurd. If someone wanted to express that they believed that the earth was flat they should be allowed to do so but they should in no way be allowed exemption from ridicule or scorn and should expect no special dispensation; no matter how deeply held is their fantastical belief.

When we allow, as we do now, religious freaks to be able to have their delusions treated with respect we set ourselves on the path to a new dark ages of superstition, fear and ignorance. Should the child of a fascist be allowed to wear the swastika to school because of the deeply held beliefs of their parents? Of coursenot! School is supposed to be a place of knowledge and learning where ignorant beliefs such as belief in deities or racism are challenged and defeated.

Liberals and many leftists will defend peoples ‘right’ to hold any belief they wish no matter how divisive of intolerant. People, they will argue, should be allowed to bring their children up any way they see fit. Tosh! Bringing a child up to hate a person because of the colour of their skin or their country of birth is not and never will be acceptable. bringing a child up to hate is abuse and those who do so should have the children under their care taken from them. The same goes for those who bring children up to believe in bronze age superstitions that pervert their view of the wonderful world around us.

Child abuse is not acceptable whether that is mental abuse or physical.

No to religion in schools.

No to faith schools.

No to child abuse.

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  1. Oh well… Politics are the same in any form practiced in this world… Yesterday you weren’t free and were isolated by others, but today you are free in a pen, where you alienate yourself in the crowd… I see no difference. Just another image.

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