Unite Against Fascism Do The BNP’s Job For Them

Since January of this year a coalition of anti-fascist activists in the north of England and the midlands have worked to shut down the BNP’s annual festival of hate, the Red, White and Blue Festival. This coalition is made up of a wide representation of the left from trade unionist to liberals to anarchists. This coalition also includes the Derby branch of UAF.

The national organising body of UAF however has avoided having anything to do with the organisation against this festival and have repeatedly avoided any mention of it at their events. UAf is no different to the Anti-Nazi-League of old or Globalise Resistance in that all these groups are fronts for the Trotskyist group the Socialist Workers Party.

The SWP has a history of forming groups like this in an attempt to gain control over social movements and in doing so sap any creativity and dynamism out of said movement. This has happened any time they have been successful as we can see with their pushing the Stop the War movement into soul destroying banality and ineffectiveness that causes people to become disempowered. They are now trying to do this to the anti-fascist movement through UAF and are attempting to split the movement because they cannot control it.

I hope that may people read this and decide not to attend the sectarian demo called by the UAF but attend the real demonstration that has been worked on by a broad spectrum of activists all year.

People are asked to assemble at 9a.m. at Codnor centre on the 16th of August.

Leflet for the demo is here.

More info from Antifa here.

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  1. This post’d be more clear if you said *why* you were pissed off at the SWP’s actions.
    Someone coming to this cold might not realise that they have stepped away from negotiations to call their own demo. Which is indeed shitty and sadly par for the course.
    Incidentally, you might want to drop by the Libcom forums and try and stop them from dismissing the whole thing as meaningless leftist infighting. (Or you could tell the sun to stay below the horizon…)

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