Damned Sensetive Muslims And Damned Cowardly Publishers

So it seems that Random House publishing house has pulled out of publishing a book about the ignorant middle ages merchant Mo and his noncing up up of a wee lassie. This book by Journalist Sherry Jones entitled ‘Jewel Of Medina’ featured life in dirty ‘ol Mo’s harem.It apparently objectifies the ‘prophets’ wife and is therefore disrespectful.

Well here’s a few questions for you.

Yeah? And? So? What?

(copyright Bill Hicks)

Who gives a toss whether it is disrespectful to Islam or a dirty old paedo who lived hundreds of years ago. Why should any particular superstition be treated with any more respect than any other irrational belief? It’s absolute bollocks. These people with their ignorant and backwards religions should attempt to move into the 20th century. I know the rest of us are in the 21st century but one step at a time they are intelectually crippled after all.

Maybe these superstitious retards are worried about it becoming more widely known that they worship a dirty old nonce. See Mohammed married a nine year old girl and then consumated the relationship when she was eleven. I don’t care which erra you lived in or what culture you are from, that makes you a paedo and a complete fucking wrong un.

So shame on Random House for bowing to the threats of these barely human creatures and bollocks to those who see fit to threaten violence on those who dare write about their particular sky daddy.


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  1. You don’t think that this is just a tacky publicity stunt of behalf of the publishers then?
    Say you’re going to withdraw a book because of undefined “terrorism” threats, make a splash in the news then, after a couple of months of “free speech” astroturf marketing and folk getting in from Amazon.com instead of .co.uk, hey presto! The book gets a real release.

    press release – scandal – mock outrage – profit!

    Everyone’s a winner, apart from folk trying to make the point that “muslim != terrorist”

  2. Aye it could be that, still doesn’t change the fact that the Abrahamic faiths are vile and detestable. Nor that it is true that a book depicting the noncing behaviour of Mo would be unpopular with a certain segment of the religion of peace that is Islam. No matter how sympathetic the book is towards it, I mean from what I’ve read of the book it sounds like drivel but that would fit right in with random House anyway. Still crap that a book is not published because it might offend a bunch of superstitious, backwards arseholes. Not publishing ‘cos it was drivel is fine and noble.

    If it is a publicity trick then I think it will do them more harm than good as it makes the publishers look like a bunch of surrender monkeys, not a good image in the US now is it?

    Muslim may not equal terrorist but it does equal moral values based on dark ages superstition. Slightly more modern than the bronze age superstition of Judaism and Christianity but still from a savage time of violence and barbarism.

    All three of these ‘faiths’ lend themselves so easily to vile and despicable acts because of the ignorance they were born in.

    Like I have said before the only place these superstitions should have in the twenty first century is in history class rooms and as the but of jokes. They should not be allowed to dictate what can and can not be published, what can and can not be said.

    Both capitalism and religion/spirituality are a hindrance to the development of the human race. Capitalism because it pits us against one another and religion because it fosters both ignorance and hatred and an acceptance of ignorance and hatred.


    See, fucking ridiculous isn’t it?

    Anti-Theism for teh win!!1!


    Now I can get me one of those there satanic flags and be accused of nationalism.

    “I’m only flying it ‘cos I hate christianity so it’s OK’ 🙂

    You’ve made my day so you have.

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