Antispe Show Themselves To Be Completely Normal

Oh wait no sorry I meant bat shit nuts and inhuman.

A ‘story‘ posted in indymedia UK this week talks of how eight people died when a bull fighting arena in Columbia collapsed. Now I personally think that bull fighting is pretty noxious but to celebrate the deaths of the spectators is pretty fucking low.

Footage of the event (which, to be frank, is far more entertaining than watching a bull being gored to death)

Says the article. Shows how much humanity these freaks have when they find the deaths of eight people amusing.  I swear these fucks are one step away from starting to attack people over their choice of diet.

The greatest enemy of the animal rights movement is animal rightists themselves. Ach well at least they are just a bunch of kids who will grow out of this shite eventually.


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  1. Naw yer right; concern for sentient beings should include humans and all, surely – including those socialised into enjoying animal cruelty as were the unfortunate folks in that collapsing section of the arena. Challenging industrial meat production, animal ‘domestication’ and testing are worthy; sneering at the deaths of people who may well never have considered the ethics of bullfighting isny.

    Unrelatedly: where’s the copy sir?

  2. Militant Antispeciesist

    Firstly: You do know that it clearly states “SchNews 641”, and if you go to – you’ll realise that the article was from the newsletter based in Brighton that has reported on a variety of anti-capitalist news based on the struggles of human, non-human & earth liberation for over a decade.

    Secondly: You do you that the post was not by Antispe, but an Anti-Speciesist (an individual). An anti-fascist is not Antifa. Antifa is a militant collective of militant anti-fascists (two or more individuals to be exact!). So I’m sure you can make the same connection that an Anti-Speciesist is not Antispe by definition! It’s like saying Greenpeace is an environmentalist, whereas Greenpeace is an environmental organisation.

    Just thought I’d point those two errors out. Try not to get confused between individuals, their beliefs, and collectives with beliefs… it only continues the confusion for everyone.

  3. Militant Antispeciesist

    Also, just because I don’t believe in speciesism, similarly to how I don’t believe in racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia and any other fascism or oppression – it doesn’t mean I’m spokesperson for antispe! Cheers.

  4. So the individual has no responsibility towards the organisation to which they are affiliated? That’s great that is.
    Oh and is antispe an organisation or is it some sort of ‘collective imagination’ type drivel? Is there an antispe manifesto or can any wingnut join/affiliate themselves?
    With regard to the carnival against vivsection that you linked to. I have said in the past that I am against vivisection and therefore support efforts to shut down viv labs and liberate animals from them.
    My problem with antispe is its use of anti-fascist imagery when the link between anti-fascism and animal rights does not exist. Also as antispe is modelled on Antifa who physically attack Fascists they make it appear as if they will similarly confront speciesists in this manner.
    Being as I would come under the banner of a speciesist, as do the majority of the worlds population, this concerns me.
    I have never gotten a straight answer from anyone about the purpose of antispe and how it will differ from the ALF.
    If what I think is correct then antispe will simply be a banner that kids can rally under to make themselves feel that they are doing something when they are not. If folk seriously want to liberate animals then why not do it using the existing banner of the ALF rather than appropriating the imagery, and streetcred 😉 of Antifa?

  5. Radical Eco-Anarchist

    — “So the individual has no responsibility towards the organisation to which they are affiliated? That’s great that is.”

    Is somebody praying and preaching for authority here? By activists having “responsibility” to organisation(s) they are affiliated to, would mean, in context, every activist seeking “permission” to act from all organisation(s)/collective(s) they are affiliated to, not just those that are related to the issue, which is not only authoritative, but also just plain stupid and illogical! Imagine ringing up mid-action to gain permission to act freely, what a joke.

    Ironically, the only way an individual can be responsible for an organisation they are affiliated to is through the use of conspiracy laws, which is becoming increasing more common throughout the world to imprison political prisoners for long stretches of time, notoriously anti-vivisection campaigners. Just depends if you hate the activists more than the state, and therefore sympathise with your no.1 enemy, the state, or sympathise with anti-authoritarian logic, despite how repulsive you personally may find it.

    Easy answer ain’t it? You oppose it through direct democracy, not by advocating authoritarianism! Maybe cut down on the (admittedly hilarious) videos and pick up a book, or a placard once in a while. Basically, if you really care about it that much, oppose it like an anarchist, not a part-time authoritarian with a grudge.

  6. You sound like a petulant teenager. Waaah! The nasty man was oppresing me by saying that I should take respnsibility for my actions and have respect for my comrades! Waaah!
    Also what is your problem with authority?
    Anarchists are not ‘against all authority’ no matter how good a band they may be! Anarchists question authority to see whether or not it is valid. Most often it is not. However there are timmes when a person has leitimate authority, a surgeon in an operating theatre for example or a mechanic in a garage. their authority comes from their knowledge and experience and is therefore valid. Were the surgeon to attempt to claim authority in a garage that would be invalid authority.
    Pick up a book???? You obviously don’t know me. 😀

  7. Radical Eco-Anarchist

    Anarchists aren’t just against some authority or “bad” authority, the very definition and origin of anarchy is “the absence of authority” (an = the absence of, archy = authority), its Greek.

    A surgeon is granted authority, but doesn’t need it, they only need the ability to cooperate and work with others in a non-hierarchical based way. No exceptions. The “exceptions” are the boldest oppositions to anarchy. It’s entirely oxymoronic to say there are exceptions.

    “Anarchism is primarily a movement against hierarchy. Why? Because hierarchy is the organisational structure that embodies authority.”

    If you are going to link to an Anarchist FAQ, its always good practice to read it first…

  8. Radical Eco-Anarchist

    — “The nasty man was oppresing me by saying that I should take respnsibility for my actions and have respect for my comrades! Waaah!”

    You actually said, as quoted above: “So the individual has no responsibility towards the organisation to which they are affiliated? That’s great that is.”

    You clearly state you should take responsibility on BEHALF of a group, not individual responsibility which is obvious! Respect for comrades? Of course, obedience to them, surely not!

    You been reading Marry Poppins or something?

  9. No I clearly state that an individual has responsibility TOWARDS the organisation they are a part of.
    Big difference.

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