I don’t normally watch the news and use the net to pick up on world and local news. However tonight I felt like watching it on the electric valium for once.  Tuning in to BBC News 24 for the six o’clock news I was mightily peeved that it took a whole ten minutes for the news to start. The reason for this ridiculous delay was of course the bloody olympics. Ten whole minutes of sports news ahead of the Russian invasion of Georgia, nonce of the month Gary Glitter getting kicked out of Vietnam, facial recognition technology being launched at Manchester airport passport check, NATO soldiers killed in fighting with the Taliban, a British soldier killed in Afghanistan and Guatemalan babies being kidnapped and sold to wealthy families. But still a couple of gold medals ranks higher as news, fucks sake.

Anyone would think that there was a concerted attempt to whip up nationalistic sentiment in the country to bolster an extremely unpopular war and an increasing economic downturn. Nationalistic sentiment, economic crisis, whipping up of antipathy towards migrants and foreigners. Sounds horribly familiar to me.

Hell in a handbasket.

On a lighter note Gary Glitter has said he’s not ruling out a comeback.

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  1. A guy was beaten to death on my street the other day, on Reporting Scotland there was about 10 seconds on that, 5 minutes on how fashionable solar panels are, and 25 minutes of fucking sport. At least we’ve got Glitter.

  2. The Olympics has a weird quasi-religious thing going on which is well creepy with its naff ceremonies and that sodding torch, trying to make “sporting excellence” something to be worshipped. Of course “it’s not the winning that’s important it’s the taking part that counts” Aye right. Felt sorry for that Chinese guy who fell over before his race even started though.

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