Yet More Epic Lulz

It seems that a bunch of naughty naughty anti fascist hackers (red’n’black hat hackers?) have hacked the Blood’N’Honour forum and stolen all the data stored on the server. This means that we now have access to all forum posts and private messages sent on the site for the month of August. We also have all the IP addresses of all the fash scum who use the site.
A bit of background for those who don’t know. Blood’N’Honour is a website and forum frequented by neo nazi’s from all over the world. The hack seems to have been carried out by someone associated with antifa the militant anti-fascist network who take on the far right in a language they understand, boots and fists.
The full story can be found here along with downloads but to save bandwidth folk please use the torrent you can get here and here.

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