AAAAAARGH!! We’re Doomed, Doomed I Tell Ye!

Those so called ‘scientists’ over at the Large Hadron Collider or as I like to call it THE DEATH STAR! Fact! Are currently planning on bringing our world to rack and ruin all in the spurious name of ‘progress’. Progression into hell more like!

We have all heard these scientists claiming that we are not at risk from the LHC creating black holes that could devour the earth and everything on it. Well at last one of them has had the courage to come right out and admit the danger they are putting us in.

Writing in the Guardian newspaper Michio Kaku claims that using the work of Werner Heisenberg

that fire breathing dragons will be produced by the LHC

What madness is this that these mad professors wish to resurrect creatures thought extinct since the medieval days. Have we learned nothing from Jurassic Park? I don’t think Jeff Goldblum can save us now, it’s gone too far!

Do you want your children eaten by velociraptors? No? Then stop the Large Hadron Collider and reopen 9/11!

Thank You Science Thank You Very Much!

Thank You 'Science' Thank You Very Much!

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  1. The article this quote is taken from goes on to say “But the probability of this event is so small, one can show that it will not happen in the lifetime of the universe.”

  2. sense of humour fail?

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