Secession, Anarchy and Nationalism

That’s one hell of a grand title for this post. This is mostly just some musings on a rather touchy subject.

I was recently involved in an e-mail debate around the secession of Wales from the United Kingdom. This was on an Anarchist e-mail list and the person who was posting calling for Welsh nationalism is a troll through and through. His claims that nationalism and secession are the same thing led me to wondering whether in fact they are.

All the small nation nationalists in this region (UK) are secessionist i.e they want to break away from the UK and from what they see as English domination/control.

I would not however say that all who call for secession are nationalists. For one thing there are members of the local bourgeoisi who may see an opportunity to gain themselves more power or a chance to make a greater profit. A lower rate of tax perhaps.

There are also people such as myself who thinks that secession is a good thing as it would bring the blame for unfavourable living conditions closer to home.

In Scotland, and in Wales to a lesser extent, there is a tendency to blame ones woes upon the much maligned English. More specifically upon the government in Whitehall. Whilst I’m all in favour of people blaming the state for the problems the system it propagates creates. The problem lies in that the government is perceived as a foreign government. This stops a lot of people short of laying blame where it belongs, on the capitalist system, and places it in the hands of a foreign oppressor.

I am of the opinion that once an area secedes from the union they will no longer be able blame the English for all their woes but will be forced to blame the bourgeoisie closer to home.

I do not think that I would ever agitate or work towards independence for any of the small nations of the UK, well maybe if Yorkshire decided they wanted Independence, but I would vote if a referendum was called for Scots independence.

Could’nt hurt.

Could it?


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  1. ლიშთოთა

    I guess not

    The first rational argument for Scottish independence I’ve heard so far… and from the most unexpected position 🙂

  2. As I think you know, I agree with you. I’d be interested to know what ACOD thinks though … post it there please. 🙂

  3. Well it is one of the subjects that will be discussed at the AF Forum on educational discourse. 😉

  4. I did wonder if the increasing incompetence of politicians in the Scottish parliament was going to lead to folk realising that they could do a better job themselves, but Salmond seems to have stopped that.

    Which leaves the practical benefit of having less distance to travel to annoy the local figureheads, and the possibility that the break up of the UK would shake off, e.g. Trident and related military occupation.
    The 2nd seems increasingly unlikely to me but then I think the last Scottish election was nobbled by a unionist conspiracy. Even without that, it seems to me that the SNP are using it as their carrot to keep the left in line. Once they get their referendum, I’m sure some sort of acccommodation will be made with NATO.

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