Basildon Council Scum Bags Should Be Beaten And Hung With Their Own Entrails

It has emerged that Essex Couty Coucils war on the Gypsies of Dale Farm has reached sickening new heights. Plans have been revealed to sieze the children of the travellers and keep them at a holding station some miles away and only return them if the parents leave the county.

For those who don’t know the land at Dale Farm was bought by the travellers after the government encouraged gypsies to settle down. They have built a number of chalets and a few roads on the land alonng with a chapel and the new St Christopher community centre.

Basildon district council have been trying to get rid of the travellers ever since they bought the land. They have apparantly earmarked 5,000,000 euro for the eviction and demolition.

The council say that the travellers do not have planning permission to build on green belt land. Would they have gotten it had they applied? Not bloody likely! Modern planning regulations are a sack of crap. If they can be used to justify making 90 families homeless then something is very wrong.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation vis a vis planning how the fuck can anybody possibly justify snatching children? These scum at Basildon District Council should be strung up with their own innards and their families made homeless.


More information can be found here.

If you fancy giving Basildon Council a stern talking to then please use the numbers below.

The enquiry line for matters concerning travellers is 01268 294 509

You can also contact the council on 01268 533 333 and ask to speak to Carla Vivicendon


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