Just Desserts

CEO of Graziano Transmissioni, Lalit Kishore Choudhary, got his just desserts after laying off over a hundred workers last week. The men who had been layed off entered the factory and destroyed machinery before attacking the bosses of the Italian owned company and beating Mr Chouhary to death.

This was repotred in the Times who followed up the story with a few examples of when ‘workers turn bad’ and do dreadful things after being laid off. The times listed three things where laid off workers had murdered people. Lets see if I can beat that with examples of workers killed on the job where no CEO was ever arrested or taken to court.

Well for starters here in Glasgow we have Graham Meldrum who was killed in 2005 due to the actions of bosses at Allied Bakeries here in Glasgow. His family continue to struggle for justice. More info can be found here.

On the 11 May 2004 in Maryhill here in Glasgow nine workers were killed and more than thirty injured. Any CEOs in court over this?Their negligence caused the deaths of nine workers and the company gets a fine but they get away scot free.

According to the T&G 61 workers were killed on the job between 2002-04.

How many bosses wind up in the dock or in prison over this? Not a one. Shows you how much a worker is worth isn’t it. If I killed someone through dangerous driving then I would go to to prison. If a boss kills someone by negligence they get a fine.


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  1. dont worry about it

    your passage here is absolutely pathetic

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