The Happening (A Film Review)

It’s not often that a cinematic work will stir my blood enough for me to volunteer comment which goes to show how I feel after having sat through two hours or so of M Night Syalaman’s latest opus ‘The happening’. Not in many years has a film aroused such bile in my gut as this steaming pile of monkey semen.

I implore each and every one of you reading this to avoid this film like a dose of the clap. The only good thing about this movie is that if you really hate someone you can recommend it highly to them.

the lot revolves around plants emitting a pheromone that incites humans to kill themselves. This I did not have a problem with. Suspending ones disbelief is all well and good when enjoying a work of fiction. What really incensed me however was the films total disregard for the world of science.

Making up science to fuel a story is great but twisting the language of science in a manner that would bwefit the most dishonest of creationists is vile.

I am more than likely over reacting but I really, really hate it when a person says that a theory is ‘just an idea’ or that ‘there are things we could never understand’ and when the person saying this is supposed to be a science teacher it just beggars belief!

In my opinion the whole reason behind this constant pushing of the idea there are things that science will never explain is just soft creationist bullshit using the film as a vehicle of social persuasion. Trying to make it seem as ‘common sense’ that science can not explain everything or that a theory is ‘just an idea’.

On top of that it’s a shit film. Terrible script, shite acting and an appalling concept.

PS A theory is not just an idea. A theory is proven to the maximum extent it can be given the current level of technology and scientific understanding.

An idea is a hypothesis. A hypothesis is not however pulled out of thin air. It is arrived at by careful observation and becomes a theory through experimentation proving it to be as true as it can be.

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