ROFL @ BNP Moron Simon Goodricke

The Anarchist Federation recently received a letter signed by BNP member and former police detective Simon Goodricke, the full text of which I’ll reprint below.

Now Mr Goodricke is going to be standing, to the best of my knowledge, as a candidate for parliament in Barnsley. I wonder why it is then that Mr Goodricke signs his letter with the slogan “Smash The Miners”? Hardly going to win him much support in the north of England now is it?

Of course there is the chance that this letter was sent by someone seeking to do harm to the BNP such as one of the many of their fellow fascists pissed off at the electoral route the BNP have taken. I myself would not be surprised if it was sent by Mr Goodricke himself after one too many pints of Fullers. This would explain the inability to use a spell checker and also nothing in the letter is out of place for the opinions of the BNP and their members.

The text of the letter in full.

Hello Lefty

The sight of you loosers being arrested at the Red White and Blue was hilarious! It must have felt sooooooo frustrating spending your time in police custody instead of “stopping the BNP”. Still I guess filling in all that nasty paperwork took some of the boredom out of it ha ha ha ha ha ha! The police really are on our side aren’t they. You bunch of soap dodging, school drop outs will never learn will you. Well I guess society needs loosers like you to point at and laugh and to do all the menial work that intelligent people don’t bother with like street and toilet cleaning. Any-how, you failed to stop the RWB and you failed to stop us in Barnsley. Now we’re free to do what the f*****g we like in this town. Pretty soon, I’m going to be running the BNP in Barnsley and when I am Barnsley is going to become a leftist no go area so I’m warning you and your leftist mates in the town to leave NOW and take your moslem terrorist mates with you because no one is going to f**k with me. Got that you leftist piece of scum?

Byebye lefty.

Simon Goodricke

Smash the miners! (ohhh I forgot that lovely Thatcher bird already did)

Victory to the police!

Victory to Capitalism! (it separates the strong from the weak)

Victory to George Bush for bombing Iraq! (what a great fella he is)

Asylum seeking parasites soon to be sent back home!

Simon Should Use Spellchecker

Simon Should Use Spellchecker

LOL the BNP!


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  1. I don’t think for one minute that this is genuine. Who sends letters through the post these days? Surely not the knuckle draggers of the BNP, I think it is more likely an enemy of the man, as you have already said. either a pissed of fash or a left winger looking to stir up hatred. I have just read the ‘handgun article’ and find that to be utter bull too. If we are ever going to stop the BNP we have to stop the bullshit, the people are seeing straight through it and all it does is fuel the situation.

  2. Roddy Withington

    What is the big deal some people want to join another party and some people think they should not the Labour Party Tory Party Libdems are all nastey parties they are all anti working class and they like the rich and poweful so BNP stands for some nastey views what other party or groups has lot of nastey and vile people in them if we ban the BNP because we dont like what they say what are freedom of speech are we not a free country and how can a small group of people say what party people can join dont people have minds of their own if we go around ban this ban that what is left the whole system is rotten to the core the BNP is a small part Education Religion Governments are all evil and want to control everyone

  3. Um. Dude. See the english language… well it has these funky ass things called full stops, comas and all that. It would be nice if you would use them.
    As it goes the BNP are a shower of cunts, are the enemy of my class and I rejoice at any harm that comes to them.
    Actually considering the grammar in that comment is worse even than mine…Simon, is that you?

  4. Yeah, I think there should be more comas in sentences as well Welshboi. Passing out halfway through stops them getting so long doesn’t it? :p

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