Guardian Newspaper Calls For The Deaths Of Billions – Shock!

This article in the Grauniad today set a number of alarm bells a ringing in my miserablism fuelled head.

Apparently the UK police have warned of a shadowy group called “Earth First!” who apparently want to see four fifths of the earths population die in order to save the planet.

Wow. I never realised that Earth First took such a hard line on population control. I mean I knew that there was the fringe element of delusional mentalists, like the primitivists, who would dearly love to see such a global culling. But I always assumed that Earth First had a deeper political analysis than Human=Bad therefore kill all humans!

If this is true then I think it is absolutely reprehensible that a respected national newspaper such as the guardian should support such extremists like they do here and here.

This is the same paper that in this article warns of a network of climate camps in one issue yet in another it gives its readers a guide to how to get the most out of these camps.

Now that we have been shown that these camps are obviously terrorist training camps surely the guardian should face charges for promoting the cause of these terrorists.

Well what I am trying to say is that todays story is a load of horse shit. Whilst there are one or two nutters who attach themselves to the environmental direct action movement (putting the mental in environmental) they are a minority. I am not one to defend this lot generally and am extremely critical of the lack of a class analysis displayed by the climate camp and eco-movement in general. But this story is nothing but an attempt to demonise climate campaigners who whilst they may well be misguided at times are not mass murderers. that would be the state which fills that role.

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