You Know You’re A Rivethead When….

You know you’re truly a Rivethead when…

1. You put Einsturzende Nuebauten songs on a play list/CD/mix tape labeled “chill”.

2. You have ever uttered the phrase “Stop the car, I saw some scrap metal in that parking lot.”

3. You and your friends go to a club and it looks like the local militia just walked in.

4. You make sure the boots you get have metal plates in the soles so you don’t hurt yourself stepping on shrapnel.

5. You tape a contact mike to a metal gear you stole from an abandoned factory, run it through a fuzz/tremolo distortion petal into a shitty guitar amp, hit it with a screwdriver, and call the sound it makes “beautiful.”

6. Most of the dents on your car are from you kicking it.

7. Everyone thinks you’re a Nazi, but you’ve probably beat up more Nazis then those people have even seen.

8. You can and have fallen asleep listening to Terrorfakt on headphones.

9. You switch your car radio to AM and listened to static because you had no CD’s or tapes.

10. Things make terrible noizes that they aren’t supposed to make and you think “I should record that.”

11. You have written up plans to totally hurt that guy that called The Birthday Massacre a “good, old-school, industrial band” because none of those things are true.

12. You spell noize with a “Z”.

13. You and a few friends destroy a desk in your room by hitting it with a hammer and kicking it, because it just wouldn’t fit down the stairs.

14. You take the debris from the desk outside and light them on fire, using volatile chemicals.

15. You can actually understand half the lyrics in Terror EBM songs.

16. You start a gang whose gang sign is just flipping you off.

17. You think industrial music should be less about zombies and more about shit people actually care about.

18. You go to a “punk” show and take a nap.

19. Your role in a band is labeled as “hitting things with other things.”

20. Those are also your plans for the weekend.

Posted on November 13, 2008, in Culture and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. AHAHHAA!! AHAHAHA!!! This is amazingly funny!! I loved it. Just found it because I did some silly test in which I scored Rivethead.
    And yes… I’d die of boredom at a punk concert….

  2. This is amazing. Made my night completely.
    I think I relate a little too well to quite a few of these.

  3. Hilarious! Number 5 made my day 🙂

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