Ghouls The Lot Of You

Spread all across the front cover of the papers this morning was the cherubic face of a we blonde boy. What’s I thought? Upon closer inspection it turned out to be an image of the poor little mite known as Baby P. It was only upon seeing this picture that hit home the bleakness of the situation.

By this I do not mean the horror inflicted upon this small child but the way the media is in a feeding frenzy of mutual masturbation over the whole thing.

Ask yourselves this, what purpose does it serve to have this little boy face splashed all over the papers. A final indignity served up in the names of selling a few more issues of a paper. They would not of course be doing this were there not a market for this and people lapping it up by a million rubberneckers ogling the poor boys corpse.

Shame on you all.



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