Hubble Does It Again

One thing that really sickens me is that, despite all the wonders discovered by science over the last two centuries, scientific research is only funded if it looks like it could turn a profit.

I was told the other day, by a tory unsurprisingly, that without capitalism there would be no more scientific advancement as their would be no profit incentive to drive it.

What a load of mince. The greatest scientific discoveries of the 1800’s were made by gentlemen of leisure who were not pursuing any profit. they just wanted to discover new frontiers. Profit being a bonus of course.

Discovery and invention are about as common a part of human behaviour as sex and reproduction.

Once science and research is freed from the shackles of the pursuit of profit we may be free to pursue knowledge for the sake of it. We may make scientific advances that benefit all people not simply the parasites who feed like fleas on society.

One of the questions most often levelled at anarchists is: but who would do the shit jobs? Who would sweep the streets, maintain the sewers? If people did not need to earn a wage then why would people do such thing?

The common answer is that we would all take a turn at doing them. However one thing is for certain. If the members of the scientific and engineering community had to do a turn at maintaining sewage works we can be damn sure those jobs would be swiftly automated.

Why do they not do so already? Well because they don’t have to and there’s no money in it.

Without the need for money science can properly be a tool of liberation that can take us on to ever greater heights as a species.


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