And The Lulz Continue

The leak of the entire BNP membership list onto wikileaks has caused something of a furor amongst its membership. As can be seen in this discussion thread they are realising that membership in a fascist organisation is not a very smart move.

I personally find it hilarious on the one hand seeing BNP members claiming the BNP is a ‘legitimate political party’ and that they have nothing to hide and on the other all the coppers, doctors, teachers and soldiers crying over the possibility of losing their jobs. 😀

Why should it cause me such glee that these people would be losing their jobs?

Simple really. If I send my kid to school I do not want them being taught by a fascist. If I am having surgery I do not want the scalpel to be wielded by a fascist. See what I mean? These people are motivated by hatred for that which they perceive as being different. they are the enemy of my class and as such I delight i their suffering.


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  1. It seems to be a list of English members, couldn’t see any Scottish addresses.

  2. There are names and addresses for all the Scottish members as of end of 07. Look under B for Baillie for an example 😉

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