As If By Magic…

…my faith in my fellow Anarchists is restored.

The Greek anarchists have always had a rather physical relationship with the old bill and demonstrations regularly turn into pitched battles with many a molotov flung. During these clashes things get broken. Most of the time when property is attacked and/or destroyed it is symbols of wealth and is aimed at the ruling class.

Unfortunately last November a street kiosk owned by 74 year old Harikleia Ananiadou was burnt to the ground. She was left without income and with little hope of being able to start again at her age. The lack of social provision in Greece made her future seem even bleaker.

Realising what had happened a group calling itself the Anarchist Initiative raised 13,000 Euros  in order to rebuild her livelihood.

“We gave what we could, even beyond our means, because we know that it would be difficult for her to make a new start at her age,” initiative member Panagiotis Papadopoulos told Angelioforos daily. —- “It was an act of solidarity to a woman who could be our mother,” he added.

See, now that I like. Social responsibility and riotous resistance to the state.

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