For A Peoples Bailout

As the economy of the UK slides into recession for the first time since the early nineties we can be certain which strata of society are going to be affected by capitals current phase. It is not going to be the rich monkeys who caused this mess. Well when we say caused this mess, capitalism itself is a mess. Staggering from crisis to crisis like a depressed drunkard on a monday morning capitalisms current quandary poses us some pertinent questions.

The questions that now face us are not the ones that we will see in the national press. How we can do our bit by only taking one foriegn holiday a year or maybe not replacing our living room furniture quite yet.

The questions that face us have much greater weight than such vain middle class liberalism. How are we going to ensure that we, as a class, do not bear the brunt of the effects. How are we going to ensure that this does not happen again? Who did shoot JR?

We have already seen the state begin its attack against our class with the attack upon those in receipt of benefits. We shall soon see even greater cuts in the public sector, the NHS, our children’s schools and the facilities our communities require. Wages are going to be slashed as the cost of living continues to rise. This will all have potentially devastating effects on our communities.

In order to allay the worst of the effects of this recession we need to build unity within our communities along lines of class. It’s only by working together will we be able to create and maintain the structures we need to stop our lives getting shat on even further by the powers that be and the rich parasites they serve.

We need a network of residents associations that can work together to set up co-ops so that we can take advantage of mass buying in orderr to provide ourselves with affordable and healthy food. We need these associations so that we can resist rises in rent and tax that are sure to be pushed through if we do not resist.

We need to rebuild the mutual aid networks that resisted the imposition of the Poll Tax so many years ago and prevented the state from carrying out a single warrant sale in Scotland. We need to revive the spirit of Red Clydeside!

The second task before us however is the greater one. How is it that we prevent this from happening again?

This is a task of gargantuan proportion that seems so daunting as to wither even the boldest of hearts. It is not so intimidating however once we realise our collective power and how mighty we are when we stand side by side. We need to completely restructure our society so that we do not base production upon generating profit for the few but on providing what is needed for all. The amount of work that needs to be done in order to keep civilisation running smoothly is minuscule when you consider how many pairs of hands there are to keep it running, 6,000,000,000 and counting!

Organised efficiently we can free ourselves of laborious and pointless work and free our time up for liesure and bettering ourselves. In a world where production is organised for the good of all there will be no traders bartering the rest of us into poverty for their own gain. With all decisions made at a local level and larger matters resolved through a federation of residents associations and workplace councils there will be no way any one group can rip off any other. We all need one another in this world and its only by working together that we can ensure that the greed of the few does not destroy the world of the many.

Here’s to stopping the recession!

Here’s to a peoples bailout!

Here’s to revolution!

Anyone interested in these ideas can feel free to get in contact via glasgow[at]

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