Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen and have been for at least as long as I have been alive. From the biggies like the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 to the wacko ones about the lizard people propagated by David Icke and the flat earth societies interesting take on geography. To add many layers of complexity to otherwise simple matters seems  to be a flaw that affects more and more of us  as time rolls on. Perhaps it is just that the opening up of new channels of communication has allowed these ideas to spread faster and farther than was previously possible. Whichever way one looks at it the prevalence of these ‘theories’ is a savage indictment of the education systems of the world. To allow such credulity to flourish within our societies is truly shameful.

The results of this credulity and delusion can still be full of lulz at times though. 😀

I am no fan of conspiracy theories, to me they display a weakness of mental faculties that I find quite nauseating. The way otherwise rational minds will attach themselves to these crackpot ideas. The conspiraloon adds layer upon layer of complexity to what is an otherwise straight forward event/situation. Like the 9/11 truthers who seem unable to believe that a anyone could possibly hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers. They instead seek out the wildest stories based upon half understood science and paranoid delusions. The 9/11 truthers are fairly new kids on the block when it comes to out and out wackiness.

That man did not land on the moon has been a long running conspiracy that despite decades of gathering ‘evidence’ convinces none but those with some mental faculty temporarily on snooze.

Enter Bart Sibrel.

Bart has been a long running proponent of the ‘theory’ that the moon landing in 1969 was faked. He has made films about the subject claiming that the Astronauts only entered low earth orbit and used cinematic trickery to make the earth appear more distant than it was. He also claims that there was not adequate radiation protection for the men in and beyond the Van Allen Belts.

His claims have, obviously, been dismissed by everyone in the science and space science communities as the load of rubbish that they are. This however does not deter Sibrel however and he continues to try and trick the Apollo astronauts into saying that they were part of some conspiracy. He often uses under hand tactics to interview the men and has been condemned for this.

His tactics have however backfired upon him in a most lulzy fashion. Two years ago he attempted to con Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, into an interview claiming it was for a children TV show. He accused Buzz of being a liar, a coward and a thief. the result is most satisfying.

Surprisingly spry for a 77(at the time) year  old!

for those out there who wonder why it is that this credulity is treated with such scorn by some, and wonder where the harm in it all is, I would suggest reading this website. Where’s the harm seeks to catalogue all the sad instances where irrational thought and a lack of critical faculties has led to people being harmed, injured and in far too may cases killed.


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  1. You are worthy of a big A for asshole!

  2. And why would that be Raymondo? Pray tell.

  3. Anybody with half a brain knows that none of the events mentioned had any credibility through the officila media explanation. Only through constant repetition and selling of the stories by the msm and putdowns of any intelligent counter explanations as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy drivel were the sellers able to continue tto cover up their crimes. From my POV this article is uninformed dogshit written by someone with straw for brains. A triple A for you both.
    Ray Antoky, Brooklyn NY , age 62 and wipe your ass with your blog!

  4. So the moon landing, 9/11 and the world being round are all hoaxes?
    You lot really are bat shit crazy aren’t you.
    Welshboi, Glasgow Scotland, age 30 and laughing my arse off at your insanity!

  5. You are dumber than dirt. Planes don’t melt into buildings. Moon landing was faked. There were no planes into buildings on 9/11. You are a brainwashed shithead idiot shmuck.

  6. Oh my god if you could hear me laughing right now. Put the internet down and back away slowly…

  7. How did the buildings turn to dust?
    Why do the videos show the plane melting into the building? Why does the nose show on the other side?
    Why was one of the engines found under a canopy covered with a tarp before the explosion?
    Why were the jet engines not found? Why were the planes still in operation after 9/11?Why did building seven collapse as in a controlled demolition? Why have steel buildings never collapsed from fires before or since 9/11?
    Fuck you btw.

  8. Oh my poor aching sides.
    It would appear that your definition of dust is slightly different to mine. My definition of dust does not include bloody great big lumps of steel and concrete.
    The videos show the planes hitting the buildings at great speed and then exploding in a bloody great big fireball which would probably explain what happened to the jet engines.
    What is it with you truthers? Can you just not believe that a buch of arabs could do something like this? That the US is somehow invulnerable to all but the mightiest of weapons?
    Oh and I seriously doubt that the planes were in operation afterwards, I’m no mechanic like but they were in a bit of a mess.

  9. Not something I’d usually type but:

    I LOL’d.

  10. I am not a truther. I don’t belong to any infiltrated bogus group. Video is just that , video. Just like in the movies you can simulate anything. Jet engines don’t disintegrate. What was shown on TV was computer generated imagery. People who believe everything they see on TV or in the movies are true SHEEPLE. You serve your masters well . Keep lol’ng. Perconally I don’t think mass murder by our own government is funny. Keep laughing brother till they catch up with you.
    On September 11, 2001, NFP (no fucking planes) crashed into buildings. Sorry to burst your bubble.
    Read my definition of planehugger which applies to many ‘troothers’.

  11. Ray, you are made of so much win it’s unbelievable. If you were here I may well kiss you for making me laugh this much. I was in a really glum mood until i got home and discovered your posts.
    Thank you sir, thank you from the bottom of my black cankerous miserablist heart!

  12. Oh wow… That’s so… precious.

    Regarding Buzz Aldrin, keep in mind that NASA is a subsection of the US Air Force. He’s essentially a test pilot. Those guys gotta keep fit. Though I imagine he’s in retirement now… But old habits die hard.

  13. Welshy – Surely “Ray” is just you taking the piss, right? I mean, noone can be that stupid, can they?

  14. Sorry Asher but ray is all too real. 😀

  15. Only you ASHER can be that stoopid. Wake the fuck up and put your brain??? into gear.
    Or be manipulated into believing fairy tales.
    IDIOTS you all and complicit in murder.

  16. Oh Ray, you are wonderful. Please do furnish us with some proof that we are all complicit in murder?

  17. A bit of light reading redarding the moon landings for you Ray.

  18. ray is an absolute beaut!! conspiracy nuts are always good value, if only they spent as much time on the real pressing problems of life as they do on their crackpot theories we all might be better off.

  19. By the way Ray, are you friends with Bobby Meade?

  20. Fuck your clavius. Don’t start a link war with me cause you will be buried. Plus I don’t have the time to have a pissing contest with ndunbasses. And I don’t have a clue whoe bobby fucking meade is.

  21. that’s DUMBASSES!

  22. Fine, you live in delusion. You’re just a sheep bleating along the chorus set by your cultic leaders.

  23. FUCK YOU asshole moron bastard. Go LOL yourself to death!

  24. eggsqueeze me? is that how you talk to people you are trying to get to join your cult? No wonder the rest of the world sees you for the wing nuts you are 😀
    oh, and lol!

  25. it ain’t a cult i’m in. Unless you call people with brains a cult. I stopped hanging out with any people in groups as they are all infiltrated with double agents who have totally discredited those who have been able to prove the official stories wrong. They are doing exactly whaat you are doing: attempting to marginalize any voices and group them in the loony bin. That’s the way the perps work. An to this observer anyone who wastes time defending any of our corrupt governments has to be on their side and is probably on the take. And if you are not one of those getting paid then you are just plain stoopid!@*&%$#@

  26. Thing is noone has managed to prove the general consensus on what happened wrong. Some Muslim nutjobs hijacked some planes and flew them into buildings.
    You are the one who is marginalising your nutty little self by screaming bloody murder at anyone who doubts your religion.
    Why is it so hard for you lot to accept the most likely conclusion, one that is backed up by reams of evidence? Have you even heard of Occams razor?
    Also at what point do I defend the US state? I laughed at a complete fuckwit who has been harassing pensioners getting a well earned slap. If you actually read my blog posts rather than just giving me daily fits of the giggles, I mean sheeple Ray, come on! then you would realise that I am not a fan of any state. This whole obsession with 9/11 is unhealthy and turns people who were rational into religious zealots every bit as deluded as the cunts rags who flew those planes in them there buildings.
    Ask yourself this; if you lot did get 9/11 reopened and it proved you wrong would you accept the findings of an open inquiry or would you assume it was yet another layer of conspiracy?

  27. Unfortunately you are the sheeple. There were no hijackers and no muslim perps just patsies. i’ve read all the ‘evidence’ from day 1 and it was just a setup. All the true answers were even marginalized from the truth movement which is controlled by the same people who put out the official story. ofcourse if you believe Oswald killed Kennedy you are way behind the curve. Also check out Barry Chamish on the Rabin assassination. He proved Amir could not have killed Rabin. And I’m sure with your pinhead you believe Diana was killed in an accident.
    But if you insist on being dumb that’s your business

  28. Um, wasn’t Amir caught literaly with the smoking gun in his hands?


    Amir was a patsy. He fired from three feet away as per the videos. Rabin was killed at point blank range as per the forensic report. Amir fired blanks. Rabin got in the car under his own power. If killed on the spot he would have been unable to move. Also no blood on the ground.
    Countless more examples prove Amir could not have killed him. Rabin was shot in the car on the way to Icholov hospital. He was revived in the hospital then shot again in the hospital.
    Lots of devious people in this world. Do the research. When I first read Chamish I was shocked. Then everyting fell into place. Again, there are those who choose to believe the fairy tale official stories of world changing events, yourself included. You are being deluded.
    Enjoy your tea while living in fantasyland. Maybe you’ll walk on the moon soon.

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