Daily Mail In Gypsy Support Shocker!

I can’t believe that I missed this story. It seems the Hate Mail managed to shoot itself in the foot by pissing off the Twitterati (if it’s not already a word then it is now!). It seems that to mark the end of Refugee week the Hate Mail, from hereon in to be known as the Daily Fail, placed a poll on it’s website asking “should the NHS allow Gypsies to jump the queue?” in relation to an article by that bastion of human decency.. sorry I mean utter cunt rag, Richard Littlejohn. In his article he espouses the usual racist bile that we have come to expect from the fetid little man yet with which he still manages to shock us.

Anyhoo. In relation to this rather disgusting, and ever so slightly leading, poll question the Twitterati swung into action and before long the poll was showing that over 90% of the Daily Fail’s readership supported gypsies getting special treatment from the NHS. This show of decency from its readership led to the Fail removing the poll from its website and replacing it with one asking “Should Commons Speaker Michael Martin resign?”. Does anyone want to tell them he resigned a month ago!

I know this is already a week old but I really wanted to add my wee voice to the hordes already laughing their arses off at the Daily Fail – FAIL!


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  1. This is hilarious!

    I can’t belive I missed it too! Good spot.

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