Computer Games Censured For Reflecting The “Dark Side Of Warfare”

Two Swiss human rights organisations, Trial and Pro Juventute, have criticised computer games featuring warfare for not requiring players to adhere to international war legislation. Inspired I am sure by the recent outcry over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 requiring players to massacre civilians in order to get support for anti-terrorism measures(or some such thing). The bee that is apparently rattling around in these folks bonnet is that by allowing players to carry out what would constitute war crimes without getting punished does not reflect reality. Really? (NSFW)

It said games were sending an “erroneous” message that conflicts were waged without limits or that anything was acceptable in counter-terrorism operations.

I’m sure I can find some people who would disagree with this.

A retreating Iraqi soldier on the road to Basra

An Afghani wain breaking international regulations on not getting killed in a war.


some depicted interrogations that involved torture or degradation and a few permitted summary executions.


Yeah they got caught but how many did not?


The researchers also said.

In particular, it said, few games it studied reflected the fact that those who “violate international humanitarian law end up as war criminals, not as winners”.

These people should really have a word with Israel then eh? I mean what kind of human rights organisation is so disconnected from what actually happens in the real world? Fannies.

Another kid, Palestinian this time, breaking the rules of war by getting itself killed.


Maybe these people should spend a little bit more time having a go at the states which wage war and cause the deaths of untold millions around the world rather than complaining about video games. Are they going to start calling out Pinewood studios on James Bond not behaving above board on his missions or of how characters in Hollywood films break all sorts of laws during the course of a movie?


Original story on the BBC.


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  1. I hear if you hold down the red & green buttons while bombing a wedding, you unlock a secret level, “Lead the EU”.

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