SWP and Their Tenuous Grasp of Reality

I just read the report on last months Scottish Defence League ‘demonstration’ from the Socialist Workers Party and it is absolutely hilarious for it’s absolute lack of attachment to any form of reality. Well unless you’re some kind of weird hippy who thinks that reality is subjective.

According to the SWP

Meanwhile 3,000 people marched to protest against racism and fascism to warm support from shoppers. Trade unionists, students, members of the Muslim community and others joined together to ensure Glasgow gave zero tolerance to racist thugs whose stated aim was to intimidate the Muslim population of our city.

LOL. I’m not sure how they can claim that being miles away from the SDL, on the other side of the city center FFS, shows zero tolerance to racism??? Even when a number of their coningent joined, and jumped to the front of, the ACTUAL anti-fascist rally earlier in the day they swiflty managed to lead the demonstration in AWAY from the SDL. Talk about having either a fragile hold on reality or, if you’re more cynical, on honesty.

As we can see from this map the Scotland United rally was nowhere near the pub where the SDL were drinking yet somehow this was what the UAF call a success and zero tolerance! If someone gives them a kicking do they claim victory? Do they claim haemorrhaging members to be a successful recruitment drive? Actually with that last one they probably do, fannies.

The sooner the abomination that is the SWP splits itself into non-existence the better for the left and the working class of this country.


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  1. Your post is a clear deviation of the party line and as been reported to the central committee.

  2. I cannot believe this is true!

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