Strathclyde Police Spreading the Xmas Cheer!

A video has come to light of a Strathclyde police officer viciously beating a teenage boy in the early hours of Boxing Day. The police had been called to the house on Toryglen Road in Rutherglen, Glasgow, to break up a fight outside a Christmas party.

The police proceeded to arrest a number of people involved in the fight including Catherine Curran. As the police were huckling her away the woman’s son, Jamie Munro, shouted at them to leave his mother alone. At which point he was pepper sprayed and savagely beaten. Jamie managed to get away from the officer who then smashed a window trying to get at him. Jamie wasn’t arrested as he had done nothing wrong, he was beaten simply because cops think they are a law unto themselves and this one in particular is obviously a psycho.

If you want to make some noise about this then get in touch with the Police Complaints Commissioner and with Rutherglen Police Station. Plus calling into the radio and writing to the papers wouldn’t be that bad an idea. You could also repost the video far and wide.

Tel (free from UK) 0808 178 5577

Rutherglen Police Station:
Tel: 0141 532 5200
King St, Rutherglen, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G73 1DG

The story has been reported in The (Scottish) Sun


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