American Evangelists Spread Their Poison

I’m sure that by now everyone is aware of the Ugandan anti-homosexuality law that has been proposed which would see ‘repeat offenders’ and those with H.I.V. sentenced to death (though now it seems it will be reduced to life imprisonment), and imprisonment for those convicted of homosexuality. How many though are aware of the role played by American evangelists in the inspiration and formation of this law?

Last March three American evangelical Christians were invited to talk at a conference themed around “the gay agenda — that whole hidden and dark agenda”. The three day conference, attended by teachers, police officers and politicians, featured talks claiming that homosexual men sodomised teenage boys and how the “homosexual agenda” was a threat to the family based Ugandan society.

A month after the conference the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009(PDF) was introduced.

The bill, which threatens homosexuals with hanging, has provoked wide spread outrage and condemnation around the world. The horror that such a thing could come to be in the twenty first century is understandable. This horror though should be all the more increased when we realise that the bill was inspired by the rhetoric of western evangelists.

The Americans in question are the pious Scott Lively, author of the charming Pink Swastika – a book claiming there were links between the Nazi party and homosexuality, Caleb Lee Brundidge who styles himself as a ‘healed’ gay man who gives seminars on ‘healing’ homosexuality, one wonders how often he has a Ted haggard moment and lastly Don Schmierer of Exodus International, a multi-denomination anti-homosexuality organisation – funny how the different denominations can unite in hatred isn’t it?

Since the revelation of their links to the creation of this bill all three have issued statements claiming that they are appalled by the bill. Mr Schmierer even went so far as to say “Some of the nicest people I have ever met have been gay people”, I bet some of his best friends are black too…

Mr Lively said he was disappointed that the bill was so harsh. I believe him, do you?

I’m not surprised by these evangelists being taken aback as the rhetoric of the argument they took to Uganda was exactly the same drivel they spout at home. The difference being that at home people are used to having Christians claiming all sorts of bat-shit craziness, I mean in the U.S. These tools are on the radio and have billboards all over the place. People are used to it and carry on regardless. In Uganda however, where these people have asserted that they have some kind of authority on the subject, their message is not diluted by the noise and hubbub of all the other crazies. So when they claim that homosexuals are threatening peoples families it is taken very seriously.

When we look at the claims of these people we can see that the Ugandan bill is the natural culmination of their ideology. They all want to demonise and ostracise a section of the population before separating them entirely from society. These are the people who push against even the most liberal of rights afforded to gay people, who spread malicious lies and prejudice against people based upon who it is they want to love. They claim that homosexuality is a choice, or that it can be cured and that homosexuals are ‘recruiting’ young people.

America is renowned for it’s cultural exports and this is no different. As the New York Times has pointed out it appears that Uganda has opened up as a new front in America’s culture wars that see hatred and bigotry on one side trying to drag the world into a new dark age and rationality and love on the other fighting a desperate rearguard battle.

Thanks to PZ Meyers at Pharyngula for pointing this out.

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