Asylum Seekers Are… Asylum Seekers Study Finds

Research carried out by the Migration Policy Research Centre at Swansea University has come to some shocking conclusions. It seems that Asylum Seekers are in this country as they need to seek refuge, or asylum as some may put it, from war or persecution. This flies in the face of many minutes arduous research carried out by Daily Mail and Sun journalists who asked Dave from the bookies why he had heard Asylum Seekers were here. Prior research into this subject had implied that these people were in this country as they get £500 a week from the benefits agency, a free Mercedes Benz, a mobile phone and a council flat and to take part in terrorist outrages.

Not so says Professor Crawley of Swansea University. She found that despite the fact that policy makers, politicians and the general public seem to think asylum seekers choose to come to Britain because of access to benefits this is in fact very much a “secondary consideration”. It seems, again flying in the face of diligent research by sections of the media, that asylum seekers have little choice over where it is they claim asylum and are more concerned with fleeing the prospect of being killed in war. In fact Professor Crawley says three quarters of asylum seekers have no idea about benefits or support before arriving in the UK. She said

“These findings also strongly suggest that creating a tougher asylum system and harsher policies will not deter people fleeing persecution and violence in their own countries from coming to the UK,”

“Asylum policy making should be based on solid evidence such as that provided in this report rather than on unfounded assumptions and misperceptions about the reasons why people come here.

“This is the only way to ensure that the system is as accessible and humane as possible for people seeking protection.”

Donna Covey of the Refugee Council, the organisation that commissioned the report, said

“The UK government has made life very tough for asylum seekers that do get here, in the hope that this will prevent more from coming.

“This research shows, however, that the main reason asylum seekers come here is to escape conflict, and no amount of barbaric policy making will influence whether they come here or not.

“We urge everyone – politicians, newspaper editors, the public – to heed the findings of this report and address the reasons why asylum seekers come to the UK in a more humane and informed way.”

Which just goes to show that these academics who spend years studying and becoming experts in their field obviously know nothing. After all. Everybody know that these so-called asylum seekers are just here to steal our jobs, spill our beer and defecate on the Union Jack.

Download the report briefing by clicking here and the research summary document by clicking here.

Hilarious Sun Headline

If you believe this you deserve to be taken out of the gene pool


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