Daily Fail Report That Christianity Fails

The Daily Fail has an article today about how Nick Clegg the Lib Dem MP said the unsayable. That perhaps it would be a good idea if schools taught that all relationship, gay, straight and inbetween, are normal and natural. Of course this is just fascism and political madness gone mad.Original Article

Text in bold is me. 🙂

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has come under fire for suggesting that faith schools should be forced to teach pupils that homosexuality is ‘normal and harmless’
Mr Clegg made a pitch for the so-called ‘pink vote’ in an interview for the gay magazine Attitude with a number of measures designed to boost equal rights.
He proposed that all faith schools should be legally obliged to implement anti-homophobic bullying policies and to teach that homosexuality is ‘normal and harmless’.
But his comments were immediately condemned by church leaders and other groups.
sigh-here we go

One senior Anglican bishop, who would not be named, (Daily Fail shorthand for “we made this shit up down the pub last night)told the Independent that the Church of England would oppose any changes.
He said: I think this will go down badly even among the not overtly evangelical.
‘Instituting something that must be taught, come what may, is frighteningly fascist.’
Obviously a man with a firm grasp of the political theory advanced by Mussolini. Also not realising the irony of claiming someone saying “don’t teach kids to be homophobic bigots” is fascistic
And Norman Wells, from the Family Education Trust, said: ”Not only is Nick Clegg showing a woeful lack of respect for faith schools, but he is also totally disregarding the deeply-held views of parents.
So if someone’s a bigoted fucktard they should be allowed to teach their kids to be bigoted fucktards too? Yeah, family values man! cunt
‘The vast majority of parents do not want their children’s schools to be turned into vehicles to promote positive images of homosexual relationships.
WTF? No really, What The Fuck? Teaching kids that whoever they fall in love with, it’s ok and all are valued members of society is a bad thing?
‘It is a fundamental principle of education law that children must be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents.
Is it bollocks
‘Nick Clegg is pushing a radical social agenda
A LibDem with a radical social agenda? Pull the other one, your wifes hanging off it
which would only cause confusion among vulnerable young people and expose them to increased risks to their physical and emotional health.
So being taught that they are unnatural abominations and that they are sinful is good for their emotional health?
‘Instead of seeking to advance the gay rights agenda, he would do better to commit his party to presenting positive images of stable marriages and of sexual restraint outside marriage.’
“The phrase get to fuck” comes to mind
In the same interview the Lib Dem leader declared that gay couples should be given the symbolic right to describe themselves as ‘married’ rather than civil partners.
Well if they’re living together in a stable relationship and have gone through a ritual to celebrate and confirm their relationship then they’re married non?
Mr Clegg launched a scathing attack on David Cameron’s record on gay rights, describing the Tory leader as ‘very difficult to trust’ on the issue.
I’m sure he’s probably got more ‘experience’ around the issue than Clegg, he is a public school boy after all
He pointed out that Mr Cameron had originally voted against the repeal of Section 28 – which banned local authorities and schools from ‘promoting’ homosexuality – although he has since recanted.
Good, now if he could just fuck off and die that would be appreciated.
The comments come after Mr Cameron made a bid to woo Lib Dem voters in his New Year message, insisting the difference between the parties was less than before.
There was a difference before?

‘He’s a confection,’ A what?said Mr Clegg. ‘I don’t really know what he believes in. I don’t know what his convictions are and the reason is because they keep changing – and they seem to change for convenience.
Politician in two faced shit bag shocker!

‘So when it mattered, when people went through the lobby to vote on Section 28, his convictions were on the wrong side. Suddenly they’ve changed and we get an apology!’
He added: ‘The surveys of a lot of the next generation of Conservative MPs show massive residue of indifference at best, prejudice at worst.’
Torys are homophobic bigots, hold the front page! ffs :(

But the Lib Dem leader praised Labour’s record of introducing civil partnerships and equalising the age of consent.
But he said more had to be done, pledging reforms including reversing the ban on gay men being allowed to give blood.
Mr Clegg said faith schools must ensure they do not become ‘asylums of insular religious identity’.but surely that’s the point, non? *ducks*
‘If they’re suffering higher rates of homophobic bullying and violence then we need to put serious pressure on them. It needs to be a requirement; it just needs to be a requirement across the piece,’ he said.
well you would think in a civilised society not teaching our young to be cunts would be par for the course
On the subject of gay couples being allowed to describe themselves as ‘married’, he insisted: ‘If we don’t want to discriminate, why do we make differences in language?
‘Language is a hugely important signifier of how we segment society and how you seek to create differences between people.
‘Since we don’t want to make differences on this and the law has moved a great deal to do that, we should be linguistically the same too.’


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