Shop ‘Em!

The Daily ToryTelegraph has set up a hot.. email address for all us good citizens to name and shame the thugs responsible for Wednesday’s occupation and redecoration of Millbank Tower. I would like to show my support for this initiative by getting the ball rolling.

The "Bullingdon Bruisers", this mob have a penchant for smashing up restaurants as well as public services

"Mentalist" Major known for having a penchant for violence when it comes to looking out for his mates oil reserves

"Basher" Brown, watch out for this lout - known to be unstable since losing his position as "Daddy" to "Crazy" Cameron

Blair the "Bonghead" is a drug crazed fiend, do not approach and report to the authorities if seen

If we work together with the Telegraph then surely we can bring these wreckers and smashers to justice. A reward has also been offered for information leading to the apprehension of these anti-social elements, 20 Bensons and a 4 pack of Kestrel Super for all reliable tip offs.


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  1. I am in stitches. This your best blog of all time.

  2. That’s quite a rogue’s gallery you came up with there! Some dangerous looking chaeracters – if Tony Blair followed me down a quiet alleyway I’d kit me shegs and no mistake!

    It might be worth sending the Telegraph a list of police officers’ names. The way things are looking, there’s a fair chance that at least a few undercover cops were involved in the demo.

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