Bless Their Cottons

Sooooooo, this week Christians have been giving me both lulz and rage-a-hol in equal measure. The laughable predictions of Harold Camping were a source of much amusement as people around the internet did an almost audible WTF?!? Parties were hosted and children were killed, ah… just like the good old days of the Abrahamics.

Yup, the laughs were coming thick and fast with Harold Camping‘s cockamamie predictions as people the world over, well… the internet over anyways, threw rapture parties highlighting the ludicrousness of the whole thing and making Camping look like the raving mad man preaching at the wilderness. Unfortunately however Camping is the head of a multi-million dollar radio station and so was uniquely able to be able to get his lunacy more coverage than the average nutty apocalyptic religionist.

So with his millions he managed to get his apocalyptic vision on the air, on billboards, on trailer boards all over the US. Inevitably something terrible happened.

What then was Camping’s reaction to the unsurprising fact that the Rapture didn’t happen?* Well it seems that he was flabbergasted. Really? I wonder if he will be apologising for his scaremongering and for the terrible affect it had on some people? I doubt it. He, and his cretinous followers, will just rationalise away their failure with no heed for harm caused. Though at least Camping is a fair bit wealthier than he was before…

On a mildly more light hearted note it seems that Christians in the US are quite unable to understand the comedic mode that is satire. Firstly there were some amazing reactions to the announcement that Planned Parenthood, in the US, was opening an $8million “Abortionplex” which would “allow the organization to terminate unborn lives with an efficiency never before thought possible.” The uproar across the more devout parts of the internets was tumultuous. No one seemed to notice that the story came from the well known and respected news organ, The Onion News Network…

Facebook, home of the totally stable

Added to this is the even funnier response of some Christians not quite understanding that it was the absurd claims of the anti-choice movement which were being lampooned rather than Planned Parenthood itself.

Ach, if they had brains they wouldn’t be either dangerous or as amusing.

*Or maybe it did and there were just so few people worthy of rapture that no one noticed. Suck on that one Christians.

Just spotted this, the best rationalisation for why there was no rapture.

From the Facebook of Mr Ken ‘Creation Museum’ Ham himself!


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