A Miserablist Manifesto

There is a spectre haunting the world. That spectre is, unfortunately, not communism. The spectre that wends its way through the collective psyche of the planet is a silent scream of immutable despair.
Our conscious minds are barraged by information on a daily basis, a million sources of news vie with a million distractions. The television screams from the corner of the room demanding our attention, spurned and afraid of our new love. The internet. Once our sole lover, our lone solace from the subconscious horror of the world of work we spurn the television for facespace and the blogosphere.
The world grows brighter day by day whilst our lives grow bleaker and greyer with each passing moment we spend in capitals chains. how though can we break these chains if we can’t even see them for being blinded by the phantasmagoria of capitalist society. We need a lens, a prism, with which to view the real world beneath the glamor.

The Miserablist Lens

Miserablism is, at its core, a realisation of the bleakness of modern existence and a lens through which to view the world. A miserablist when confronted with a claim or statement will immediately disbelieve it. They will observe the claim through the tear and grime stained lens in order to ascertain whether there is, against all odds, any hint of verisimilitude to it. In a world that is ever more dominated by corporate techni-colour advertisements and political spin the miserablist lens dilutes the day-glo horror and allows us to see reality in all its ugly wonder.
Through the mercifully dulled prism of miserablism we can cut out the barrage of noise and clamor of capitalism and reach a zen like calm inside that allows our perceptions to clear and our direction to become true.
A pessimist is but an optimist in full possession of the facts.
A miserablist understands the facts and knows them to be worthless.


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