Scottish Defence League In Edinburgh

Glorious success for the defenders of freedom and all that is good in this land.

The Scottish Defence League today managed to pull off their most resounding success in their campaign against the Islamification of our fair sceptred isle. Rallying to the call of the ages to protect the nations inhabitants from the threat of foreign invaders, truly these are the inheritors of Arthur’s legacy, the Scottish Defence League took to the pubs of Edinburgh. Following on from their victory over the communist archarchists[1] and the radical left wing Scottish Nationalist Party on the streets of Glasgow last November the brave boys, and token girl, of the SDL struck fear into the hearts of Muslim Islamofascist bombers all over the city.

Numbering in their dozens our brave boys defied the red-left-wing trouble makers by occupying a pub on the Royal Mile near the Scottish Parliament, a deft strategic maneuver that surely shook the marxists inside to their very core, and then surrounding the pub with Lothian and Borders police. This cunning ploy easily defeated the hundreds of counter protesting unpatriotic reds who sought to thwart our boys plan to rid our green and pleasant land of the Moorish invaders intent on destroying our native way of life.

Following on from this dazzling display of valour the brave boys of the Scottish Defence League proceeded to board buses, in no way coerced by the police, out of the city centre. At least one minibus of valiant defenders was seen heading back to Newcastle full of, in no way miserable and defeated looking, SDL heroes.

Here’s to the future exploits of our new breed of heroes and may they cause much future amusement and hilarity in their epic fail.

[1]From the SDL website

“These communist archarchists who claim to make a stand against fascism are really the haters of this nation who support all forms of terrorism and marxist fascism…”

A good overview of the day’s events can be found on Though Cowards Flinch.

Crowd of antifascists blocking the E/SDL into Jenny Ha's on the Royal Mile


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